Based in Co Wicklow and Co Wexford Pat Lalor and Debbie Gartland are Artisan Pizza specialists. Pat is a professional Chef with over thirty years’ experience in the hospitality industry and Debbie is a marketing and events manager with over twenty-five years’ experience. During these current times it has never been more important to enjoy delicious food with loved ones in a safe and simple manner. That is where Pat’s Pizza Kitchen comes in. Our collection and mobile EVENT service is no mess, no fuss and we have many happy customers who enjoy our bespoke pizza time and time again. ❤️🍕

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We source the freshest local (where possible) Irish and Italian Ingredients. Our specialised ovens burn at up to 500 degrees cooking your pizza within sixty to ninety seconds. We use the twenty-four-hour fermentation process on our dough to give a light and crispy base that combines rich flavours with and authentic Italian restaurant taste. Our menu is varied to suit all tastes and we can cater for everyone from vegetarian’s s to spicy pizza fans and of course meat lovers. We have named all our pizzas to suit the topping flavours we have chosen with Pat as a professional chef using his expertise to combine ingredients that complement each other perfectly. 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕